Distance13-25 KM
TypeXC / AM
Duration2-3 hours
OSI Discovery Series #70
Route & GPXMapped in ViewRanger

Route Detail

A historic valley route passing over the fabled Wolf Step river crossing. The harsh ascent on the Glenahoo side is rewarded with stunning views and a rapid descent to Anascaul Lake.

This is an easy to follow route as the trail is well formed with walking sign-posts up top.

From Gleann na hUamha (Glenahoo) to Anascaul


Park at the side of the R560 near An Baile Dubh at the graveyard. Cycle down to the bridge and follow the trail into the valley (Macha na Bó). There are several farm gates to pass through at the beginning which can be quite frustrating as you can build up some nice speed here.


Once you get to the top of the valley, follow the trail up the east side to the stream crossing. The stream crossing itself is known as Wolf Step. From here, continue to follow the trail up along the north face to the top.

Up top

One you reach the top of the trail, it is a bog traversal and is extremely wet to get to the Anascaul descent. Lots of pedalling to get across and speed is your friend. Aim for the walking trail poles otherwise you’ll end up contending with some big bog drop offs. Once across the bog follow the track to the top of the Anascaul trail.

Anascaul side descent (optional)

The descent into Loch Anscaul is very wet in places, particularly in the higher parts of the trail. Once you get down as far as the third bridge it gets quite eroded and rocky. It’s just about ridable on a hardtail for the first section after the bridge, but after that it’s a very fast descent on well formed trail. Watch out for the gate about halfway down.

Once you get to the lake you can either turn back, or head into Anascaul Village by following the road. The South Pole Inn is at the junction where the country road meets the main Dingle road.


Return journey ascent

Climbing back up from Anascaul Lake to the saddle of the hill is easy enough. Only minor issues are how wet it can be and the length of the climb. Nothing technical.

Glenahoo descent

Descending from the saddle of the hill to the Wolf Step river crossing is a fast and easy affair. Once you make the crossing it gets a little more dodgy. You can generate serious speed and can choose to either ride atop the wall (faster) or on the overgrown track inside (safer). There is a significant drop to your left for a section of this. Follow the trail all the way out of the valley and you’re done! Watch out for sheep!