Distance6 KM
TypeAM / DH
Very rough
Duration2 hours
OSI Discovery Series #70
Route & GPXMapped in ViewRanger´╗┐

Route Summary

This route follows a well established walking trail across the wet and boggy Caherconree Valley and sharply up to Caherconree Fort. Amazing views from the Fort itself. The route continues from the fort to the summit of the mountain. From here, point your bike back the way you came and rip down what is an incredibly fun descent. Can be slipy when wet and some of the drop offs are sizeable.

Highly recommend a long travel full sus bike (150mm +)

Start and ascent

Parking is limited and this is a popular hiking route – weekends can be busy if it’s a nice day.

The ascent starts from the roadside and crosses the valley floor. The it heads up a very steep, rough and poorly formed trail. It is easy to follow in all but the worst conditions as there are posts all the way up to Caherconree Fort. This is all pushing as there is no way to pedal up. Traditional DH!

Caherconree Fort

The Fort itself dates from the Iron Age and still stands impressively. Be mindful of the age of the wall if you decide to cross into the Fort. Superb views from here on a clear day. Watch the cliff edge!

Fort to mountain summit

From the Fort follow the map to the top of Caherconree Mountain. There is a lightly worn trail to follow for most of the way up. There is a dangerous cliff on the west side so steer clear – especially if windy.

The summit is marked with a cairn and stands at 835 metres.

Descent to the Fort

This bit is fast and slippy. As the bog never really dries out your tyres will be wet when you hit the rocks. Head back the same way you came up and hang on!

Fort down

From the Fort, just follow the walking trail down. Be aware of walkers as they will not expect bikes at all. As you will have walked up you will know what to expect.

This descent from the Fort starts with a steep rocky section followed by a fast boggy run with some drop offs. Once you reach the saddle of the hill the descent gets quite steep. Pick your lines carefully and you’ll have a blast on the way down. From the Fort to the road it’s one long, hard and fast descent. Amazing in the dry but doable most of the year (most recently I did this in mid-winter).